My sexuality doesn’t need a label.

For the last 5 years I’ve been questioning my sexuality. At the age of 14 I came out as bisexual, at the age of 15 I came out as a lesbian and a few months after coming out as a lesbian I came out as transgender.

I’ve been in denial for so many years with my sexuality incase people doubt who I am and incase I get bullied for who I am. After realising I was transgender I came out and didn’t really tell people what my sexuality was, I used to just say I was straight when I fully knew I didn’t know. I’ve liked girls and I’ve liked boys. But these past 2/3 months I’ve realised that I love everybody, I love girls, I love boys, I love transgender men, I love transgender women. I’ve realised that what’s between your legs doesn’t matter, what’s in your heart truly matters. I guess society would label me as pansexual, but I don’t want to identify myself as that, I don’t want to be attached with a label, I want to love people without having to say ‘I’m pansexual is that okay?’. I love everybody for who they are, not what genitals they have 🙂 

As long as I’m happy then my sexuality shouldn’t matter 🙂 

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