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Public Bathrooms

One of the top questions I get asked is ‘which bathroom do you use?’, this is possibly one of the questions that I’ve repeated myself on about 1000 times! so I shall just tell you know and hopefully this can stop the questions.

I’m a very paranoid person, so I like to keep myself in an area or space where I don’t feel intimidated or in danger. Whenever I used to use the female toilets I used to have people laughing at me and making fun of me so I don’t hardly use them (unless I really need to) but I try to avoid them as much as I can. Whenever I go into the male toilets I’m scared, I’ve found that boys/men are more transphobic than females and I get stupidly intimidated by going into the male toilets because I frankly, get the looks and the stupid little comments and laughs. So I use the disabled toilet, I know people think ‘well you’re not disabled’ but I’m entitled to use them toilets, everybody is. In my personal opinion on schools/colleges/public areas they should have 1 toilet based for ‘other genders’ like trans people or gender natural people, because for me public bathrooms are a horror and I try to avoid them as much as possible!

If you ever see a transgender person or anybody who doesn’t identify as their biological gender in the toilets you are in, leave them alone. they’re going to pee just like you, they’re not going to ‘perv’ on you, they’re not going to ‘infect you’, they’re not going to ‘hurt’ you, they’re humans with feelings just like you and ALWAYS remember that! 🙂

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