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She, He, Their?

People always ask me ‘what pronouns do you go by’, as a male I go by he/him/his and people sometimes respect that. But what annoys me the most about pronouns is that people think they can use whichever pronouns they want to use towards me, people use ‘she’ when they know I’m not a girl, people use ‘it’ when they don’t even want to know me as a person, people use ‘shim’ because they get confused and as a male, I find it highly offensive and upsetting because I feel as if people don’t respect me for who I am.

What I don’t understand with people in this society is that when we see a dog we either say ‘she’s cute’ when in actual fact the dog is a boy and when the owner mentions that it’s a boy people will quickly hesitate and apologize…But when it comes to transgender people, they don’t care, they will still use whatever pronouns they want to use and won’t even respect the persons preferred pronouns which is arrogant of them.

If someone tells you that they’d rather be called by male, female, gender neutral pronouns then respect that. Respect the persons choices, even if it’s hard. Because at the end of the day your’e benefiting the persons life and making it a little more bearable for them.

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