LGBT, Mental health, mtf, throwback

we all have imperfections, right?


Our imperfections make us who we are! I’ve learnt lately that no matter what you hate about yourself that adds that little special touch to yourself.

After 3 years of intense and painful treatment I finally have the teeth I’ve always wanted. 3 jaw breaking’s and loads of treatment have given me the teeth I have never imagined having. These were my main imperfection as I hated my teeth but I’ve realized they’ve made me handsome.

After spending half of my teenage years battling daemons I’m finally clean and in recovery. My arms and my legs are full of scars but why should that matter? My scars show people that I’ve made it, that I can get through the dark side and they show that I’m a warrior. Yes they may not be ‘pretty’ or ‘nice’ but they’re a part of me and I’ve learnt to love them just like my birth marks!

After a while of going from purging, to starving, to binging I’m at my lowest weight in years, I may hate my fat and my weight but I’ve lost some weight in the past few years and I couldn’t be more proud of comfortable. Being chubby is my imperfection and I’m not ashamed to say it.

My main imperfection is being transgender, society sees me as ‘abnormal’ ‘weird’ ‘fucked up’ ‘silly’ but all I’m trying to do is be happy and be who I am, even if it does means I’m going to transition. It took me years to accept that I was indeed trans and I’m here today, standing up to my self telling myself on a daily basis that I’m handsome and that I’m worthy and I will not let society bring my down and ruin me.

I will not ruin my self esteem due to my imperfections, I may be ‘buck toothed/attention seeking/fat/fucked up’ but that makes me Alex. They all make me who I am today and I’m not letting them ruin me, I will show my pride, I will make sure I feel comfortable no matter what. I’ve accepted my flaws. My imperfections make me handsome and society isn’t going to ruin my opinion on that 🙂

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