Perfectly bad

On the second day of year 11, the 3rd of September 2013 to be correct! i walked into form with a massive smile on my face because my form tutor me fawrk said ‘good morning alex’ as i walked through the door, i had tears rushing down my face because i can finally rub every inch of ‘kirsten’ of me, see kirsten has never been alive, kirsten has just been a abstract of alex. Im finally being accepted by a very cruel society. Im finally happy in my own skin, that day was perfect for me,i went to town where everybody has always known me as alex and has alway supported my life dessions, theyre like the second family ive never had. 7:15pm came, i got on my bus blasting demi in my headphones, i got off the bus and started to walk down the street as i went back into my ‘kirsten’ mode, i knocked the window 3 times and mom came and answered the door, i took my shoes off and suddenly my mom said ‘give me your bag’, my heart was beating a thousand times a minute as i didnt know what was going on,i went upstairs and got changed and text eli telling her that i loved her and went back downstairs, mom had took everything out of my bag and she asked about the tobacco, so i said i smoked, you could see the pain in her eyes like she had just got shot,she had a tear rolling down her cheek as she asked ‘what about weed?’ My heart stopped, i couldnt answer her, she knew, the pain in her eyes got worse,the anger in her face started to appear as she said ‘how many times?’,so suddenly i said twice,i knew it was a lie,how could i make my mom feel worse? Then in the blink of an eye my life changed as she said ‘youre my daughter, not my son you stupid wanna be boy’ my heart had just been crushed and my world froze as my own mother said those words and the tears started to flow from my face. I told her ‘sorry im your son’ as i walked out of the door, its crazy how much 4 hours can make a diffrence in your whole life, you never know whats around the corner. No teacher can prepare you for one of these life lessons in your life, but what its taught me is that ‘as long as I’m happy then I don’t give a damn’ because I was born to be the person I am!

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